The High and Hidden Cost of Delayed Employee Retirement
The High and Hidden Cost of Delayed Employee Retirement
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Hello, I’m Mike Romig. Thanks for tuning into our blog. Today I’ll be talking about a problem you may not know you have, one that will impact your P&L in a negative way, and what we can do that may help you.

We know over 75% of workers in America today don’t believe they will have enough money to retire1. We know employees who don’t retire timely cost more due to higher compensation and higher benefits costs2.

What is that cost, you might ask? Well it’s estimated that a one-year increase in average retirement age will cost an incremental $50,000+ for each individual whose retirement is delayed3.  An employee delaying retirement  5 years could result in a $250,000 hit to your company’s bottom line.

And yet we find employers are mostly unaware of the exposure of a workforce that’s not ready to retire. Mostly because until now it’s been difficult to measure this liability for employers.

Now we can quantify the effect of unprepared employees on your company’s bottom line. We use your actual data – your actual situation – not generalized estimates. The information we generate can help you in ways not even thought of.

We can design a plan with a focus on helping your employees retire in a timely manner – many times simply by re-directing money you are already spending.

If you would like to learn what your company’s financial exposure might be due to employees not retiring, fill out the form below, send us an email at [email protected], or call us. We are glad to help. Thanks!

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