The "Who?" of Transform401(k)

Experienced in providing you assistance with 401(k) management and retirement plan design, Transform401(k) is committed to helping you maximize the profitability of your plan and help your employees pursue a confident retirement.

For more than 30 years, Transform401(k) has served companies and their owners. We have worked with dozens of businesses and thousands of their employees to help them more effectively manage their company-sponsored retirement plans and produce desired retirement outcomes.

Based on our industry experience and knowledge, we created The Transform401(k) 401k Focus™ a six step process that transforms a company’s 401(k) plan to pursue increased profitability through effective plan design features. As we are not unaligned with any specific plan provider, we are able to present impartial, balanced advice to move you closer to your goals.

Whether you want help finding a new platform or maximizing your current plan, we can help you pursue wealth and manage risk. We are highly committed to integrity, transparency and exceptional customer service. Helping you provide your employees with the satisfaction and confidence that comes with knowing they are working toward a comfortable retirement is fundamental to our mission. And while we focus on wealth building opportunities for you and your employees, you can devote your time, talent and attention to growing your business.

Our Team

Mike Romig, AIF®
Managing Partner


Mike Romig is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® Designee and has been advising business owners and their employees for over 30 years.

Mike began his pension consulting career in 1979 and installed his 1st profit sharing plan in 1980, 1st Defined Benefit plan in 1984; he did his 1st 401k in 1986 and 1st ESOP in 2008. Along the way, Mike has done scores of non-qualified plans for successful companies desiring to attract, reward and retain select employees. He has made a difference for dozens of companies and thousands of employees.

Prior to creating Transform401(k) Mike was Managing Director of Level Four Pension Advisors advising retirement plan clients across the United States. Mike was a Registered Principal with National Planning Corporation and Managing Director of RCA Pension Advisors with offices in Dallas and New Orleans. He graduated from Loyola University of the South with honors in accounting and has done advanced studies at The American College and the American Academy of Financial Management.

Mike is passionate about transforming the 401(k) experience both for the companies sponsoring the plans and the participating employees.

Denise Lindstrom
Partner/Client Services Associate

Denise_Lindstrom_advisor-08jan15Denise Lindstrom is a native of Madison, WI and after 20 plus years as a financial executive entered the pension consulting industry in 2012. Denise is passionate about delivering service to her clients. Plan governance support and employee outcomes are her main areas of focus.

David Lamoureux
Chief Marketing Officer

David Lamoureux brings a wide array of experiences from Sears, Sony, Six Flags, CSX and many others to the Transform401(k) team. David has a deep focus on the online media arena, applying his Fortune500 experiences to the “wild-west” of financial services marketing strategy. He’s an award-winning creative and brand strategist connecting Transform401(k) to the best online, offline, and bottom line solutions. Drawing on 30 years of regional, national and international communications and marketing, David leads the firm’s marketing team, providing senior-level strategic counsel and fan base building expertise.

Welcome to Transform401(k) from our Managing Partner, Mike Romig, AIF®

Why Transform401(k)

Transform401(k) is here to help you pursue improved profitability by working toward optimizing your company’s 401(k) plan. Our aim is to improve recruiting, increase retention and empower your employees to retire successfully, click here to know why

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